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Rashid "Cruz" Terry has established himself as one of Atlanta's most talented directors and executive producers. Cruz made his debut as executive producer with the TV series Metro Life (2017), a show highlighting entertainment, art, history and culture in Atlanta. He later landed the spot to direct In The Spotlight with Kim Ford (2018-2019), a show featuring high profile guests, like Jazzy Phae, David Banner and Rashan Ali. Cruz also worked as executive producer and director of The Hot Seat (2019) which premiered on nationwide platform (80 million households) Impact Network and She Speaks Live (2019-Present) with multi-platinum R&B group Brownstone member and actor Nicci Gilbert. 

He also owns the production company Blaqk Noyze Produktionz. Cruz's work has been seen on many platforms including Roku, Amazon Prime, Comcast, AT&T U-verse, Impact Network, DIRECTV,, RendrTV, BuzzFeed.News and more. 

-Cierra Johnson 

Associate Producer CNN