Steph's Crown


Born in Evansville, Indiana. Steph's Crown discovered her talent for singing at the age of 3. At age 6, her father moved the family to Louisville, Kentucky to pursue pastorship. This gave her the opportunity to join church bands . During her growth in the church Steph's Crown devoted most of her time to perfecting her singing. Steph's Crown grew up loving soul music artists like D'Angelo, Anita Baker and Ella Fitzgerald. 


As she grew into an adult Steph's Crown stayed true to her singing and artistic leanings. Inspired by her love of life and motivated by the passion of parenthood, she pushed forward with developing her craft. Writing songs for a variety of artists and releasing small projects of her own, Steph's has built a strong respect in the entertainment industry. 


Now, backed by The King Consultants and Blaqk Noyze Produktionz, Steph's is releasing multiple singles along with her new album "Transitions".


As loyal fans continue to flock toward her vibrant neo-soul music and charming personality Steph's Crown is well on her way to the top.


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